White Brick Brewing

I don’t think I’ve come across a businessman prouder of his local area than White Brick Brewing owner Adam Gibb. His sense of community and giving back to his patrons is inspiring.

His onsite brewery set-up consists of 3 vessel 15hL Spark system, plut a pilot system installed for brewing limited batches and experimental beers. And on a green note, the entire brewhouse is solar-powered, only drawing electricity from the grid when they turn the kettle or hot liquor tank elements on.

White Brick Brewing produces delicious brews that are name after the surrounding region – “Petrie Pilsener”, “Plantation Pale Ale”, “Griffin Golden Ale”, “Rothwell Radler”, “Route 71 IPA”, “Coach Stop Cider”.  Adam had early success soon after establishing, winning 3 medals at the Australian International Beer Awards 2018.

  • Petrie Pilsener – silver medal
  • Samsonvale Stout – bronze medal
  • Brickworks Mild Bitter – bronze medal

It’s pet friendly.  Open and airy. No Sports TV.  Darts and Foozball.  Small selection of pizza made to order, peanuts. Owner always good for a chat. Terrible music (well it was when I was here, but that’s easy fixed)

Join us on the Moreton Bay Beer Tour to taste the award winning beers at White Brick.

Established: August 2017

Owner: Adam Gibb

Head Brewer: Steve Hollis

Website: https://www.whitebrickbrewing.com.au/

Address: 1/9 Flinders Parade, North Lakes

Beer and Venue Review: Crafty Pint




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