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Up a long driveway, in a warehouse in North Lakes you’ll find Thirsty Chiefs Brewing Company. They roll up the doors to reveal a microbrewery and bar with a loyal following of fans. On a Friday afternoon you can’t miss it, with the sea of high-vis wearing tradies making it feel as if the warehouse will burst at the seams.

The brewing process here is quite rudimentary, still chosing to ferment and age their beers in 50L plastic containers.  Which, is what also makes it unique and inspiring, because it looks and feels so similar to how novice brewers start out at home.

And the fact that out of their home-brew style set up, they pump out really bloody good beer is also quite cool.  Many of the wide variety of brews are styled on some popular beers such as Corona, XXXX and Little Creatures as well as thier own Thirsty Chiefs special range recipes.  

As well at drinking their beer, at Thirsty Chiefs you can have the complete brewing experience, from working the kettle, to pouring the perfect head whilst sampling your beer on your bottling day

Features:  Onsite Brewing Supplies Store. Brew your own beer + bottling facilities. Big open warehouse (bloody cold in winter). Slightly dark inside after the sun goes down. Live music weekends. Food Trucks. Monster sport screen. Pool table, jenga, foozball.  Kid Friendly. Yummy beer.

Join the Moreton Bay Beer Tour to visit Thirsty Chiefs.


Owner: Dean & Shelley Nolan

Head Brewer:


Address: 4 /4 Wills Street North Lakes QLD 4509

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