As the saying goes, sometimes if something is too good to be true then it typically is.  Except in the case of Felons Brewing Co., it is everything you could hope for and more.

I arrived, with kids in tow, to nut out some plans for a new beer tour launching in 2019.  Much to my surprise I a) found it easily and b) there was parking.  It was pretty much a wow experience as soon as I exited the elevator and my first thoughts were: `how awesome is this location`, `how much fucking money has gone into this place?`, this place is going to absolutely kill it`, `fuck i hope the beer is good`

The respect the owners have payed to the wharves history and conserving its natural state deserves kudos, plus the insight and planning it must have taken to build such an awesome venue. But lets get down to business and talk about the legends who thought to build a microbrewery on the banks of the Brisbane River. Take a bow.

About the brewery: There are 56 taps spread between the main bar and the Felons beer trucks that are parked across the precinct (when not in use). The beers core range consists of a crisp lager, an IPA, a pale ale using only Australian malts and hops, a mid-strength California common, and a cider produced using apples from Stanthorpe.

The location is magic. The food is awesome. The beer is amazing.  Get on it.

We have a new BEST BRISVEGAS BREWS tour starting in January 2019 where you can see Felons in action.  Keep on eye on the website and facebook for launch dates.


Established: December 2018

Owner: Adam Flaskas (co-owner and director of Howard Smith); Ash Cranston, Felons General Manager.

Head Brewer: Tom Champion


Address: 5 Boundary Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Beer and Venue Review:  Beer Advocate


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