As the saying goes, sometimes if something is too good to be true then it typically is.  Except in the case of Felons Brewing Co., it is everything you could hope for and more. I arrived, with kids in tow, to nut out some plans for a new beer tour launching in 2019.  Much to my surprise I a) found it easily and b) there was parking.  It was pretty much a wow experience as soon as I exited the elevator and my first thoughts were: `how awesome is this location`, `how much fucking money has gone into this

Up a long driveway, in a warehouse in North Lakes you’ll find Thirsty Chiefs Brewing Company. They roll up the doors to reveal a microbrewery and bar with a loyal following of fans. On a Friday afternoon you can’t miss it, with the sea of high-vis wearing tradies making it feel as if the warehouse will burst at the seams. The brewing process here is quite rudimentary, still chosing to ferment and age their beers in 50L plastic containers.  Which, is what also makes it unique and inspiring, because it looks and feels so similar to how novice brewers

8 rotating beer taps from beers brewed onsite.  This funky microbrewery has kitted out the interior with locally-sourced pallets to create it’s bar, tables and stools. These guys upped their brewery systems in July 2018 and started canning in September 2018. Pool Table, Darts, Computer games for the kids. Comfy corner lounge to baracade the kids into. Sports on the TV.  Nightly Food Trucks. Amazing beer prices ($10 tasting paddles).  Not open Sundays – WTF 🙁 Join us on the Moreton Bay Beer Tour for some Brendale Brewing Action. Established: September 2016 Owner: Ryan McCausland (coolest Ned Kelly beard

I don’t think I’ve come across a businessman prouder of his local area than White Brick Brewing owner Adam Gibb. His sense of community and giving back to his patrons is inspiring. His onsite brewery set-up consists of 3 vessel 15hL Spark system, plut a pilot system installed for brewing limited batches and experimental beers. And on a green note, the entire brewhouse is solar-powered, only drawing electricity from the grid when they turn the kettle or hot liquor tank elements on. White Brick Brewing produces delicious brews that are name after the surrounding region – “Petrie Pilsener”, “Plantation Pale

Rye & Pint Brewery is Singapore’s own youngest local craft brewery in Singapore brewed by 3 brothers: Luther, Rufus and Ross. Their philosophy is to create beers worthy for Singaporeans and the international stage. We are totally diggin’ the rock out kitty label on these equally punchy beers: PUNCHIN’ RYE is brewed together with quality Pale Ale and Rye malts to create a sweet and malty beer. It has a prominent passionfruit flavour with a touch of spiciness. This smooth finish beer leaves you with a hoppy aftertaste. A bread-like brew takes the cake! SUNDAY’S BREW is a refreshing